Creative Writing

Film and the Spectator

With precise technique
Light and movement is captured
Time and space collide
All of the action: rehearsed
Form and function: realized

Emulsion layers
Chemicals react: color
Images of light
A flat surface and dark room
Two nor three-dimensional

Moving images
Projected patterns of light
Reading in the dark
Art, movement, and aesthetics
a literary revolt

And the audience
Language, structure, conventions
Emotion; Response
Cognitive abilities
Of you and I: observers

– J.R. Elbert

Reading Critical Theory

An idea or concept
emerges at the surface
It starts to settle

It is subject to
contemplation, scrutiny
careful examination

the true nature of thought
filling in the blanks, finding solutions
Juxtaposition: a new and different notion

What is critical theory?
Ideas: my own connections
It is contrapuntal

– J.R. Elbert